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A newsletter about building products, teams, and culture.

I've worked a variety of design and product roles for almost half my life, from being the only UI designer at a startup to directing a team of incredibly smart product managers.

Along the way, I've made a ton of mistakes, a bunch of friends, and have learned more than I ever thought I would about what it takes to build something that people care about.

I'm using this newsletter to share the things that have been helpful to me and highlight the voices of people who are building amazing things.

I'm also going to try and make these emails fun and a bit different. At my ❤ I'm an #emailgeek and have a couple email experiments delivering to inboxes right this moment.

  • Would You Rather: A weekly(ish) illustrated Would You Rather scenario.
  • Inbox Creatures: A virtual pet, delivered right to your inbox.
  • Lovely Notes: A helpful prompt for leaving notes for your loved ones from Alexa, Google Assistant, or email.

I'd be honored as heck if you joined the thousands of people who get, contribute to, and enjoy* these emails.

* I ask folks whether the emails I send make them happy or unhappy using a little sentiment widget in my emails, and 94% of folks say the emails made them happy!

Some previous editions:

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Chris Vasquez